The 21st Century Green Energy Revolution


**originally published in Global Research: the Centre for Research on Globalization

Thomas Kuhn’s 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions1 elucidates four stages of the history of a science: the pre-paradigm phase (where all facts are seemingly relevant because the science starts from scratch), normal science phase (where research is conducted; puzzles are solved; knowledge of facts are highlighted and we acquire presuppositions), a period of crises phase (where human error is often cited, anomalies occur and “observed facts do not match up with what a paradigm has led us to expect”)2 and lastly, the revolution phase (where paradigms which are more adequate replace present paradigms—not because of observational data alone— but because, for one out of two different scientists, theory A might appear simpler than theory B, the two theories do not dialogue well together yet, for the two scientists will use the same terms to mean different things).

In June, 1900, Nikola Tesla published a groundbreaking article in Century Illustrated Magazine that addressed the “energy situation.” That article, entitled “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special References to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy,” contained Tesla’s own vision regarding the future of human technology. 114 years after the release of Tesla’s article, we no longer speak or read about the “energy situation.” We speak or read about the “energy crises.”

We hear or read stories about how we, as a planet, have two-hundred years of crude oil left, how there are more draughts, higher temperatures, wilder weather, change in rain and snow patterns, shrinking sea ice, melting glaciers, less snowpack, thawing permafrost, increased ocean acidity, warmer oceans, rising sea level, as well as what has been called “the greatest nuclear disaster in human history” in Fukashima, Japan, whose radioactive fall-out has already raised counts and radiation doses on Geiger counters on the beaches of San Francisco.

The combustible engines used in our cars (primitive to many engineers and inventors) have not been in use that long, given how long we have lived on this planet without them. Yet, already, the very commodity used for fueling the combustible engine is scarce enough that it itself is approaching depletion. What is to be done? Blame bankers who have hijacked governments through “economic terrorism”—who fund invasions of countries and continents, who have ravaged Africa, ravaged Central America, and have done the same in the Middle East?

Since the industrial revolution, Western imperialism went into hyper-mode for diamonds, gold, and oil. Industrial nations went after natural resources that could facilitate the even-flow of the liberal-democratic system. This was done, at first, with the ruse that it was for solely for national interest; now, however, it’s safe to say it’s not for national interest. It is Machivellian, for a group of elitists, with the entire world being bought up, re-traded, and re-sold.

Why is the agricultural sector of the world facilitated by inter-governmental interest groups? These groups or conglomeration of groups already know there is hard science for over-unity devices that can produce free energy to power our homes and our commercial centers, as well the hard science for the electro-magnetic propulsion of our cars and airplanes.

Inventors in Ireland, in Russia, as well as the U.S. were persecuted and silenced for knowledge of these technologies.3 Many of these inventors, who were not always academics and are on the fringes of the mainstream scientific community, attempted to show the world how an over-unity device—the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator—that they had constructed, worked. The “normal scientific community” questioned the accuracy of the “measurements.” Think-tanks and government-sponsored probes were formulated in an attempt to discover relations between these over-unity devices and the theories of Nikolo Tesla (whose experiments were acquiesced by the U.S. government upon his death). Unsurprisingly, these fringe inventors were mocked. “Normal science” seemed to have won—while theoretical physicists at universities, academic engineers and IT people, instead, continued and still continue to indoctrinate their graduate students, with outdated scientific dogma about the laws of thermodynamics by claiming the results produced by these inventors were simply “impossible.”

These academics refused to accept how free energy, also known as Zero-Point Energy, could be harnessed from a sub-atomic field.  Free energy had been harnessed without using an external power source and academics were left scratching their heads, musing on the anomalies. Then on March 26th, 2002, Patrick Stephen L; Bearden Thomas E; Hayes James C; Moor Kenneth D; Kenny James L. received a U.S. Patent of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator.4 Many academics conceded there was, indeed, no loss of energy at the quantum level, which befuddled “normal scientists.”

Since the scientists know, the governments know there is a collective interest in the research, development and manufacturing of over-unity devices, which would allow for a dramatic Energy Revolution in the next fifteen years. The influence of these technologies will re-contextualize what it means to be a citizen of the world. Countries have been invaded for energy; coups have been staged for energy. A scientific revolution—getting off of oil completely—could lead to geo-political catastrophe. Old Money will hold onto their imperialist investments before they themselves invest in the new technologies. They would need to create new wars and stay in those wars. The pretext for it is set already for the sake of “national interest.” Everything must get unbearably worse, to the point of utter hopelessness, I think—with wars, false imprisonments, refugee crises, the censoring of intellectuals, arbitrary manipulation of gas prices, spying on green militia groups, complete surveillance of the world over, further destruction of foreign lands, instilling doses of hysteria through mass media and cultural production, kidnappings, sieges upon and seizures of private property—until it is clear to people that the exploitation is real and that elite are really terrified of New Science.

Perhaps, when this generation is beaten down enough and it comes to understand it’s really that serious, and it’s not about babble, or about theories anymore, but about taking action, the external conditions will literally force us to inspire change. The world economy is the way it is now because of foreign policies and alliances that are trying to delay the advent of new science. Anyone who understands the relation between ecology and economics, understands what you consume and the way it is consumed is the collective impetus behind the ruling ideology, which allows markets to be given privilege and/or dominion of the human bio-sphere. Remember the topic of Cold Fusion in the early 90’s? It was cast aside. We did not hear about it for two decades until now. Why now? Free, open-sourced energy is our future.

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April 5, 2014 Quantum Energy Generator Replicated in Taiwan

  May 2, 2014  Quantum Energy Generator Replicated in Morocco

May 24, 2014 Quantum Energy Generator Replicated in Pennsylvania

ISIS SYZYGY: Reunion in Père-Lachaise


For Andreea Mocanu

I rage towards you, on moonlit field—subsumed by downy flake;

In blizzard of sinless mastery, whose flecks from you I take.

Peppered, lean and swift—O, Syzygy with gleamed-neck of dying swan!

I shred papyrus for our rebirth, before the coming Dawn.

For I have seen your porticos, your Moldovian physique,

Listened to how you tricked gods, with treading Muse’s feet.

Tuat’s champagne flows through veins; diamonds burnished; daggers’re forged.

I drowned in The River one thousand times, tho’ came through Heaven’s gorge.

See, I came to you, to learn to listen; for in my life, I boasted much:

About how brave and merciless I was, from which sacred book I sprang and such.

Yet with velvet-clad disposition, I ran away from crowds of them.

I was wan, lonely; a creature, sickly—abhorring Time, amen.

Tell me who would speak so plainly, in the First Hour of Descent.

It was Night for me, in that mossy cavern, where passion’s never spent.

The stewards of the Sunrise, these I knew—the gears, gyres, crickets, birds;

‘Twas not by morning, nor light, that I was found— to bring you holy words.

I wobbled wolfish, ‘neath a hazy moon, ‘neath shivering leaves, so free.

The moonlight was fading—it was debating, the Fate of you and me.

And this is when it began to snow—on this terrible oath, that is the Earth,

Between the gods and angels I have known, and the sanctityof birth.

I beheld you more than once! — cradling books; gliding, supple, in smoky cloak,

Your ruby lips were luscious, your medallion round you choked.

Plumes were plucked from Thoth, for heka, beside lamp aglow.

You wrote odes with my dusty bones, like you did dynasties ago.


For that necropolis was fed with graves; faces shone; priests fled, dazed.

I leapt from tomb to tomb—then vanished through a shadow-maze. . .

And so, aeons passed; die were cast. Akkenaton never found my body.

I perished far below the sun’s neat rays, the Aten-idea, rotting.

See, I swore to my whole destiny—the myriad-armed kaleidoscope—

That if Winter should come again, it’s through its cold, I’ll mope.

And so, I became the Western Wind itself—its thrashing, gnashing breeze,

Which pecks your flesh with Braille kisses, on magic nights a-seized.

And then, I sprung from mass graves in the East—to your kith’s insignia I come.

For I have seen your precious studies, the ouroborous of your charm.

You have not forgotten me so well—you are more regal than I remember.

You know the lust of Isis, Osiris’ limbs, the resurrecting member.

For you did not live for séance “spirits”; you suckled wisdom from the True Vine.

You wished to arrange letters with my bones, even my broken spine.

So now we meet in a cobbled street—not far from Père-Lachaise,

In new flesh, prior to Spring and Sunrise, as Fate thusly says:

“See, I am caffeinated—aglow, in Winter, I’m in the form of a modern man!

And you’re a goddess, gifted—translating anatomy, the Plan.”

And I breath in the Western Wind, to recall all the pieces of who I was,

Whilst you untie a scarf from your throat, and with slung bag, you pause:

“Indeed, I valued le joie de vivre,” you say, “as a pension-child, a mademoiselle—

I’ve written tomes on pharaohs, summoned specters thrashed through Hell.

And I envisioned starker realms, a stronger bond than sight, aloft.

So I give you pages of who I once was—richly curled, yet never lost.”

And you offer your poems to me—white on white—on Devil’s snow:

And I could not sense my own changed Self, from varied lives I’ve sown.

With songs, spells, hymning thefts, you destroyed pyramids of woe:

Re-shelved as stones of leathered cruelty, like promises I know.

For the poet I was, at Alexandria, burned, my Seraph!—mourned many reigns ago.

And I came back, minted, a risen god—in a Cycle upon which now we flow.

For the pyropolis was fed with slaves; faces afire; priests crisp, ablaze.

Ashen, I came here to return your ring—sift again through your heart’s maze.

So, I lean towards you, on a moonlit street—subsumed by downy flake;

In a blizzard of sinless mastery, whose flecks from you I rake.

Peppered, lean, and swift—O, Woman with gleamed-neck of dying swan!

I shred papyrus for one kiss before the coming Dawn.

© 2014 Paul Rogov

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this website, or portions thereof, in any form.